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Integrated PFAS Solutions for Municipalities and Industry

The common treatment approaches for removing PFAS from water are separation using reverse osmosis, or adsorption using a media (ex. granular activated carbon, ion exchange resin). But in all these cases, the PFAS is simply separated from the water, leaving the possibility of PFAS being re-released to the environment. Moreover, these processes are costly.

Utilities or industry must consider where the PFAS will end up. The ultimate disposal and destruction of the captured PFAS must be considered and onsite PFAS destruction offered operators with the greatest confidence with the lowest exposure.

ECOTHOR®-EOx for Onsite PFAS Destruction  is at the heart of a complete, cost-effective treatment train for water and effluents. The optimal integration of ECOTHOR®-EOx includes a concentration step upstream from destruction and a media filter polishing step downstream, referred to as CDP:




Concentrating the PFAS (100x-10,000x) in the feed to ECOTHOR®-EOx will optimize the direct and indirect oxidation reactions, resulting in a substantially lower capital expenditure and a lower energy consumption.

Full and complete destruction is feasible with ECOTHOR®-EOx, but the costs associated with this could be prohibitive. A sensible approach, which will be palatable for stakeholders financially is to target a 90-99% destruction, while using a media polishing step downstream to complete the treatment.

Ultimately, an 80+% reduction in operating costs can be achieved versus media alone, all the while minimizing offsite liabilities.

For a drinking water utility, this CDP approach is represented below. Note the size reduction in capital equipment using a concentration approach.

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