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ECOTHOR®-EOx PFAS Destruction

ECOTHOR®-EOx, is a patented electro-oxidation (EO) process from E2metrix. An electrical current is passed through water being treated continuously by the ECOTHOR®-EOx reactors. Oxidants are created which lead to breaking these C-F bonds into carbon dioxide (CO²) and fluoride (F), both which are harmless at these low levels. When ECOTHOR®-EOx is integrated with concentrating and polishing steps, this process can reduce the treatment costs by over 80% vs current approaches. Moreover, ECOTHOR®-EOx can be easily operated at the site of capture, avoiding transportation and liability concerns.
White water droplets
Blue water droplets
High Destruction efficiencies are achievable using ECOTHOR®-EOx on a wide variety of water and effluents:
  • Drinking Water
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Contaminated groundwater
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Foamate from foam fractionation
  • Concentrate from IX resin regeneration

Having said this, economics must be considered for wide adoption option of a PFAS management process incorporating destruction. An integrated PFAS solution  with concentration, destruction and polishing steps offered the best approach for all stakeholders.

ECOTHOR®-EOx for Onsite PFAS Destruction

leverages more than a decade of experience in developing, designing, fabricating and delivering commercial ECOTHOR® electrotechnology solutions for a wide range of applications and contaminants. All the features from ECOTHOR® – industrial, robust design, optimal hydraulics from CFD modeling, ease of maintainability, automation, energy efficiency, remote operation on multiple platforms – have been incorporating into ECOTHOR®-EOx for Onsite PFAS Destruction. For more information on the ECOTHOR® electrotechnology platform, please visit

ECOTHOR®-EOx systems can be delivered in a container or a trailer, or for installation on a building.
Renewable energy options are also available.